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At White House functions in the following months, she made eye contact with the President. During the November government shutdown, the President invited her to his private study, where they kissed. Later that evening, they had a more intimate sexual encounter. Monica Lewinsky worked at the White House, first as an intern and then as an employee, from July to April With the assistance of family friend Walter Kaye, a prominent contributor to political causes, she obtained an internship starting in early July, when she was 21 years old. As her internship was winding down, Ms.

Lewinsky applied for a paying job on the White House staff. Lewinsky accepted a position dealing with correspondence in the Office of Legislative Affairs on November 13,but did not start the job and, thus, continued her internship until November She remained a All Clinton sex personals House employee until Aprilwhen--in her view, because of her intimate relationship with the President--she was dismissed from the White House and transferred to the Pentagon. The month after her White House internship began, Ms.

When she ran into the President in the West Wing basement and introduced herself again, according to Ms. Lewinsky, he responded that he already knew who she was. In the autumn ofan impasse over the budget forced the federal government to shut down for one week, from Tuesday, November 14, to Monday, November Only essential federal employees were permitted to work during the furlough, and the White House staff of shrank to about 90 people for the week.

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White House interns could continue working because of their unpaid status, and they took on a wide range of additional duties. During the shutdown, Ms. The President came to Mr. Lewinsky testified that Wednesday, November 15, the second day of the government shutdown--marked the beginning of her sexual relationship with the President. On that date, she entered the White House at p. Lewinsky worked during the furlough for almost the identical period that Ms. Lewinsky was in the White House that evening, from p.

According to Ms. Lewinsky, she and the President made eye contact when he came to the West Wing to see Mr. At one point, Ms. In the course of flirting with him, she raised her jacket in the back and showed him the straps of her thong underwear, which extended above her pants. En route to the restroom at about 8 p.

The President was inside alone, and he beckoned her to enter. She told him that she had a crush on him. He laughed, then asked if she would like to see his private office. Through a connecting door in Mr. Lewinsky said yes.

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In the windowless hallway adjacent to the study, they kissed. Before returning to her desk, Ms. Lewinsky wrote down her name and telephone for the President. At about 10 p. He invited her to rendezvous again in Mr. Asked if she knew why the President wanted to meet with her, Ms. This time the lights in the study were off. Lewinsky, she and the President kissed. She unbuttoned her jacket; either she unhooked her bra or he lifted her All Clinton sex personals up; and he touched her breasts with his hands and mouth. Lewinsky understood that the caller was a Member of Congress or a Senatorshe performed oral sex on him.

He finished his call, and, a moment later, told Ms. Lewinsky to stop. And he said. And then I think he made a joke. Both before and after their sexual contact during that encounter, Ms. Lewinsky and the President talked. At one point during the conversation, the President tugged on the pink intern pass hanging from her neck and said that it might be a problem. White House records corroborate details of Ms. She testified that her November 15 encounters with the President occurred at about 8 p. She recalled that the President took a telephone call during their sexual encounter, and she believed that the caller was a Member of Congress or a Senator.

Jim Chapman from p. John Tanner from p. Lewinsky, she and the President had a second sexual encounter two days later still during the government furloughon Friday, November She was at the White House until p. At p. Lewinsky worked during the furlough for one minute, then returned to the Oval Office for 30 minutes.

We were again working late because it was during the furlough and Jennifer Palmieri.

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Currie and Ms. And when the pizza came, I went down to let them know that the pizza was there and it was at that point when I walked into Ms. And they all came back to the office and Mr. Toiv, somebody accidentally knocked pizza on my jacket, so I went to go use the restroom to wash it off and as I was coming out of the restroom, the President was standing in Ms. Lewinsky and the President went into the area of the private study, according to Ms.

There, either in the hallway or the bathroom, she and the President kissed. After a few minutes, in Ms. The President suggested that she bring him some slices of pizza. A few minutes later, she returned to the Oval Office area with pizza and told Ms.

Currie that the President had requested it. Lewinsky testified: '[Ms. Currie went back into her office and then we went into the back study area again. Lewinsky delivered pizza to the President that night, the two of them were briefly alone. Lewinsky testified that she and the President had a sexual encounter during this visit.

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They kissed, and the President touched Ms. At some point, Ms. Currie approached the door leading to the hallway, which was ajar, and said that the President had a telephone call. Lewinsky recalled that the caller was a Member of Congress with a nickname. While the President was on the telephone, according to Ms. Again, he stopped her before he ejaculated. During this visit, according to Ms. Lewinsky, the President told her that he liked her smile and her energy. Records corroborate Ms.

While Ms. Lewinsky was at the White House that evening to p. In his Jones deposition on January 17,President Clinton--who said he was unable to recall most of his encounters with Ms. He said, however, that he did not believe that the two of them were alone.

Lewinsky occurred during the November furlough.

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We had some remarks. Lewinsky--by then a member of the staff of the Office of Legislative Affairs--was at the White House on Sunday, December 31,until p. The President was in the Oval Office area from p.

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Lewinsky left, p. Sometime between noon and 1 p. She told Mr. Just then, the President came down the hallway from the Oval Office and saw Ms. The President dispatched Mr. Nelvis to deliver something to Mr. Lewinsky, she told the President that Mr. Nelvis had promised her a cigar, and the President gave her one. Lewinsky, they moved to the study. Once again, he stopped her before he ejaculated because, Ms. Records show that Sandra Verna was on duty outside the Oval Office from 7 a.

As noted, the President testified before the grand jury that on November 17,Ms. Lewinsky had no sexual involvement while she was an intern. President Clinton and Ms. Lewinsky had additional sexual encounters near the Oval Office in After their sixth sexual encounter, the President and Ms. Lewinsky had their first lengthy conversation. Lewinsky, she and the President had another sexual encounter on Sunday, January 7, Although White House records do not indicate that Ms.

All Clinton sex personals

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