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After sharp changes, which began in the early s, the demographic pattern of the Czech Republic is stabilizing. People marry less often and later, remain single more frequently and prefer cohabitation. However, still more than half Czech Republic married couples the population aged 20 and over is married. The total fertility rate reached its minimum values slightly above 1. The level of the lowest-low fertility was left only in The share of children born outside marriage has been continually increasing and it is approaching 50 percent.

According to the Population and Housing Census more than half Exactly a quarter of the population was single, while the divorced people made up In the context of the European Union, the Czech Republic belongs among countries with the highest Czech Republic married couples of divorced people in the adult population a total of 7. There was a ificant decrease in the share of married people in the population of the Czech Republic in time between Census and Census — from The share of divorced inhabitants increased from These changes were closely related to the decrease in nuptiality incl. However, the share of never married persons was decreasing with an increasing age — in age group years the proportion of single persons was already less than half and those being married moderately prevailed.

Among the elderly the proportion of married people was dropping in favour of widowed persons. More than half of the population aged 75 and over were widowed. There are ificant gender differences in the structure of the population by marital status.

Men aged 20 and over were more often single The most distinct differences were in age between ages 20 and In the population aged 20 and over men had higher share than women also as far as the percentage of married persons was concerned The relative weight of widowed people was the most gender-differentiated: widowed women ed for On the contrary, the proportions of divorced men and women were the closest: The of marriages has a long-term decreasing trend. Afterthe strongest decline was between and While 52—53 thousand marriages a year were entered into at the beginning of the 21st century, it was The crude marriage rate of marriages per 1, inhabitants went down from 5.

A decrease in the of marriages resulted from the decline in size of the population of the marriageable age as well as from the decrease in intensity of nuptiality. Nowadays, men and women enter into their first marriage in the later age than before. Mean age at first marriage increased by almost 4 years between and for both men and women. In the mean age at first marriage was Women enter into marriage on average by three years earlier than men. In the Czech Republic, the marriages have always been seasonally by month of occurrence distributed very unequally.

In the long past, the seasonality was formed by agricultural year and liturgical calendar but at present the most important factors are probably weather conditions and possibilities of arranging of the wedding ceremony.

For many years the lowest of marriages was registered in May. This was influenced by a superstition that if the woman marries in May, she will be at risk of her death. Only since the popularity of this month has been rising and May has been replaced by January on the position of the least popular month for wedding.

Since the of marriages entered into in May has been even higher than e. The least popular season for wedding in the CR is generally the winter, i.

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On the contrary, the most frequent months for wedding are June, July, August and September. In these four months almost two thirds of all marriages are entered into; the peak is usually in June. As a consequence of a decrease in the of marriages the of divorces decreased too: from 30—33 thousand registered in the years — to 26—28 thousand in — The crude divorce rate went down from 2. However, the divorce rate in the Czech Republic is still one of the highest in Europe. At the same time the average duration of marriage at divorce prolonged to According to Census the proportion of people who were living in cohabitations respectively in consensual unions in the Czech Republic was below the EU average: in the CR the share of cohabiting persons in the population aged 20 and over was 5.

In the age 50 and over only 2. The consensual unions made up The consensual unions were most common in the younger age groups: almost two thirds of people aged who were living in a couple were in consensual union. The consensual union was more frequent form of living in couple among men than women with exception of elderly. This gender difference was most noticeable in age group years, where cohabiting men ed for In the s the of live births dropped down as a consequence of political, social and economic changes in the Czech Republic married couples society.

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Women postponed their maternity and devoted to education, career, arranging their own housing etc. Inthe lowest of live births in the Czech history was registered The of live births started to increase at the beginning of the 21st century and the revival in fertility intensity came particularly in —, when the of live births rose to thousand reached in But in the next years the annual s of live births were again lower, mainly due to economic crisis and decrease in the of women at reproductive age: there were — thousand live births per year in — and — thousand in — At the same time the structure of women at childbirth Czech Republic married couples their marital status changed.

The and proportion of unmarried mothers at birth was increasing and the rise in the share of live births outside marriage became one of the most ificant features of the demographic development in the CR in the last two decades. The share increased in all birth orders. The fact, that some women get married after giving a birth to the first child, is confirmed by the higher mean age of women at the first marriage as against the mean age at birth of the first. The total fertility rate had the similar development as the of live births.

It increased from the historical minimum of 1. The total fertility rate in stood at 1.

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From to the mean age of women at childbirth was continually rising; at the beginning of the 21st century the y-o-y increases were high on average by 0. In total the mean age of women at childbirth increased from The age of the highest fertility intensity shifted from 26 to 30 years; the fertility of year-old women increased almost three times. Similarly, the timing of the birth of the first child changed.

Inthe highest of the first order children per 1, women was at the age of 24 years, whereas in it was at the age of The mean age of women at birth of the first child increased from Inwomen had the second order child at the age of The age of women who gave a birth to of the third or higher birth order changed the least markedly: in their mean age was Tools What links here Special s. Revision as of5 January by Peterle talk contribs.

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