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The aim of this article is to approach, explore, and examine the various ways in which intimacy is expressed—whether at an interpersonal or group level—in particular, friendship, love, and sex, but also some hybrid forms such as tenderness, empathy, and altruism The approach, which is mainly psychosociological—drawing particularly on the theme of interpersonal relations—is backed up by supportive psychoanalytical and sociological references.

One of the of the analysis le us to accept, at the level of representations, attitudes, and behavior, the disconnection which has tended to take place, because of important cultural developments in our society over the last thirty or forty years, between sexuality and other forms of intimacy.

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Volume What is Intimacy? Claude Tapia. Latest publication on cairn or another partner portal.

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The body in hypermodern culture. Representations and values In Connexions VolumeIssue 2, Abstract French. This journal is at the forefront of the connection between psychoanalysis, group, and institution: a new analytical approach to psycho-social processes based on theoretical elaboration and practical implementation.

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DOI: DOI : Friendship, Love, and Sex", Connexionsvol. Friendship, Love, and Sex. Connexions, Cite article. Copy Tapia Claude, "What is Intimacy?

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Copy TapiaClaude. Copy TapiaC.

Iso friendship sex

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