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Not finding what you need? Visit, chat, call, or a librarian. We're here to help you succeed! Welcome back GC Community! We started this series in April as a way to stay in touch when we couldn't be in person.

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Turns out it was so much fun and so many of you enjoyed it that we have kept the tradition going. Each week we will feature a few things that we are enjoying that week, some will be virtual, some will be in person. We may even try to sneak in a research tip or two.

As always if you have questions or comments, feel free to us at library goshen. We would love to chat with you and answer your questions. A Critical Hit! Want to find out what streaking and video games have in common? Aubri is one of our new student workers working both at the desk and as our shelver-at-large she helps put EVERYthing back on the shelves. She likes looking for new books to read. Plus, the free coffee bar makes it smell good in that area! Stop by and say hi! And grab that free cup of coffee from the coffee bar while checking out more from our Instagram !

Do you love Disney songs but wish they were a little more punk? Looking for a good free book to listen to? The Internet Archive has a collection of classics to choose from - listen to narrations of F. We have lots of novels, poetry, comics, and board games to choose from. If you want Its Goshen lets chat see the newest books added, visit the News Nook to the left of the front desk.

Military History Meets Lord of the Rings. A super nerdy, but very fun read. Aiden is a second-year majoring in Biochemistry. Stop by the front desk and say hi and check out more on our Instagram ! And thanks Aiden for ing our team this year! I use the free version of PictureThiswhich also helps you identify insects and birds.

Try out your favorite app by wandering around campus and learning all about the prairie plants you walk past each day.

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How long will I have to wait for it? For Electronic Items: Two Days, though it can be as short as 12 hours, or as long as two weeks If the Lender sends it in print form due to copyright restrictions. Gearing up for the GRE? Procrastinating on Praxis? We have great resources for you!

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Check out this libguide about test prep materials you can access through the library. The best one is a free resource called Learning Express Library, once you create a free you have access to practice tests and more.

Learn how to up here.

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Meet one of our returning student workers, Greta! Greta is a junior English and art double major with a minor in writing. Make sure to say hi and thank you to Greta for all of her hard work and check out more from our Instagram ! Looking for a good way to spend an hour with friends? Check out an Unlock! These escape-rooms-in-a-box need only some cunning players, a phone or iPad, and an hour of your time to play. Work together to escape a creepy laboratory, a deserted island, a sunken submarine, or many other scenarios of varying difficulty.

Treat yourself to a good read, or ask for one in a care package! Check out this list of 10 Best Re for College Students. I have read three of them--and, yes, they are good!!

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Did ya hear?! All materials and databases are now available to every GC student. Simply use your ID to check out in the public library or type in your long barcode to access thousands of resources at your fingertips. Find out more about this this new initiative or Kelsey Happy Reading! This wonderful site takes years of recommendations Its Goshen lets chat trusted critics and lets you sift through them by topic, genre, and age group until you find the book that is just right.

Takis is a rescue shelter which saves mistreated or abandoned animals and finds them homes. If you need a little hope in your life, watch a few of these remarkable videos of love, compassion and care. Developed by the makers of the Wayback Machinethis academic search engine includes 25 million research articles and other scholarly documents preserved in the Internet Archive. Also, unlike the mysterious black box that is Google Scholar, the metadata is from an open user-editable catalog called fatcat.

I plan on eating twice as many apple fritters and twice as much pie to make up for its cancellation last year. Plus, all proceeds benefit Mennonite Central Committee, so you know that your purchases are for a good cause. Mad Science! Silly Operas!

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Jolly Monsters! Crazed Royalty in Love! Stress getting you down? Need a little childlike nurture? You just spilled a delicious beverage all over your laptop. Or does it? You will need to create a freebut then you can access lots of practice tests, study guides and more! Jabbed by the Bard. Do you think the world of angry insults began with the advent of Twitter? Think again. The writings of William Shakespeare are full of various mean comments, and now you receive or send one after another with the Shakespearean Insulter. The best part is that each quote is fully cited, so you can look cultured, academically sharp, and still trash talk.

Do you like to read the Wall Street Journal every morning when you wake up to go jogging at 6am? Or perhaps you enjoyed perusing the Washington Its Goshen lets chat every night before bed? Whether you are a night owl or an early bird, you can now read these newspapers and two other ones! If you are still waiting for your textbooks to arrive, you may be in luck. The library has purchased one copy of the majority of required textbooks for this semester.

You can access them by coming into the library and asking at the front desk. Then you can use the book in the library for up to 3 hours. The premise is simple: 1 You look at an image from Google Maps Street view AND 2 using the clues in the picture you try to guess where in the world you are.

Its Goshen lets chat

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