Need creative friend

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Our industry can be a tough place.

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When times are tough, who can we turn to? Of course, we hope we can turn to each other.

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It exists to make it easier for creatives to ask the unaskable. Wherever you are, tune in on the first Thursday of each month to get help, or just listen to the answers to your friends, colleagues and peers questions. Check out our growing list of Frequently Asked Questions.

We want to make it just that little bit easier to share and be heard. But if things get too serious you should absolutely seek professional help. You can also find resources at mentally-healthy. Never Not Creative. Helping people in the creative industry get answers to the un-askable. Register for November's event. Watch October's event. Watch September's event. Watch August's event. Watch July's event. Watch June's event. Watch May's event. Watch April's event. Watch December's Event. Watch November's event. Watch October's Event. Watch September's Event. Watch August's Event. Watch July's Event.

Watch June's Event. Watch May's Event. Watch April's Event. Frequently Asked Questions. How do I handle my Manager who's really stressed out and taking it out on the people around them? Is it still appropriate to bring it up? How do I set boundaries at work when my Manager sends s late at night?

Is it harder to get a job in the creative industry if you're older? What's the best way to deal with imposter syndrome? Would you judge people for having changed jobs often? How do you approach feeling burnout in the workplace and push your manager to help you get that work life balance?

What can I do to help my partner with Need creative friend mental health?

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I'm a freelancer — will we still be making things on the other side of this "lockdown"?

Need creative friend

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