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Despite the fact that Eli was by newborn standards a good sleeper right from the start, my husband and I never got more than a few hours of sleep at a time early on. It was physically exhausting, but the emotional fallout was worse. I was constantly anxious and had trouble bonding with my boy. At the time, no one suggested that the state of my mental health could have been caused by a lack of sleep.

After all, intense sleep deprivation is something that every single new parent deals with.

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In fact, people with insomnia are ificantly more likely to have depression compared to those who get enough sleep. Considering that only 10 percent of new parents report logging the recommended 7 or more hours of shuteye, it seems like most of us baby-having folks are at risk of having a big problem on our hands.

Babies are sleep stealers for obvious reasons.

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In the very early days, they have no sense of day versus night. They need to eat every few hours, round the clock. The steep drop in hormones like estrogen and progesterone that comes right after your baby is born can affect parts of your brain responsible for helping you snooze, leading to major sleep disruptions. Dozing in 1- or 2-hour snippets deprives you of REM sleep, which plays an important role in emotional health, learning, and memory. Missing out means the sleep you do manage to sneak in is less restorative. That can leave your nerves shot and send your mood straight to hell.

A night or two of crummy sleep means you might be in a crummy mood. Sleep deprivation sends your stress hormones skyrocketing and impairs your ability to think clearly and regulate your emotions. For some people, that might mean having a little less energy or enthusiasm, or getting pissed off a little more easily.

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But for plenty of others, it can be a tipping point toward major depression or an anxiety disorder. And infants of depressed mothers tend to sleep worse themselves — making it even harder for parents to get the sleep they so desperately need. Studies show that new fathers report just as much sleep disturbance and fatigue as new mothers. No one feels like themselves right after having a baby. In that case, Monk recommends taking a few days to keep a sleep diary and track how your shuteye or lack thereof seems to be affecting you emotionally.

In the early days, you pretty much have to breastfeed every 2 to 3 hours to establish your supply and keep it up, making it harder for your partner to split the feeding duties.

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This can be excruciatingly hard. Maybe they could bring the baby into bed so you can breastfeed lying down and supervise in case you doze off, then put the baby back in their bassinet or crib, Monk suggests. Beyond that, maybe a family member or friend can come over on set days each week so you can get a block of protected sleep. Sometimes just knowing that block is coming can give you a boost. Even one day a week can help.

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Be open about your feelings too, both with your partner and friends or family members, or with other new parents you might meet at a local support group. Research shows that sometimes just talking about the challenges of being sleep deprived with a new baby can make you feel a little better.

The thing about falling into an emotional well as a worn out new parent is that it can sometimes be hard to see the light at the end of the crazy, very exhausting tunnel. My own mental state definitely improved in fits and phases after Eli was born, and it took close to a year before I felt like things had reached a new normal. But the first step toward feeling better definitely came when he started eating less at night, and eventually, sleeping straight through.

While you may not be able to picture it now, your little one will, with time, get better at sleeping — and allow you to get more rest. Time, development, and maturation does happen. Visit her at marygracetaylor. Everyone knows that the newborn days are all about exhaustion. But what about the many years after? If we're honest, sleep challenges don't end with…. Let's be honest — if waking up earlier was the magic solution it's suggested to be, we'd all be setting our alarms.

But when we do, this is what…. Bedtime can become a battle when little bodies don't abide by the clock. Here are 10 tips to learn how to win the fight. Health Conditions Discover Plan Connect. Medically reviewed by Timothy J. Legg, Ph. Share on Pinterest. Parenthood changes the way you sleep. When you sleep bad, you Not sleepy lets chat bad, and then you sleep even worse. Uncategorized Parenthood Post Delivery. Read this next.

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Medically reviewed by Carissa Stephens, R.

Not sleepy lets chat

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What Sleep Is and Why All Kids Need It