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What I hear you saying is that while you love your husband, have a generally positive relationship, and are companionable, you feel as if there Nurse Honey Harbour wants sex something missing from your relationshipsomething you do not want to do without for the rest of your life.

I wonder if he feels the same way. That seems unfair, and it does not honor the relationship you have shared these many years. There are some who stay married, yet change the expectations of their relationship so each can get their needs met. There are others who decide that separation or divorce is the best option for them. Figuring out which path is for you should be, at the very least, a conversation rather than a unilateral decision.

These conversations can be challenging, often because we are afraid to hurt those we care about. You both deserve better than that—as does your relationship. I encourage you to get the support you feel you need in broaching these topics with your husband. He might be hurt to learn that you are not satisfied with your relationship, but he also may be relieved to finally be talking about it.

If you are hesitant to open up a dialogue on your own, you can work with a couples counselor to explore these issues. Divorce is a big step to take, with logistical, emotional, and financial ramifications, but if the two of you are open with each other, explore options together, and ultimately come to that decision together, the chances of retaining the positive spirit of your relationship are ificantly greater.

Please fill out all required fields to submit your message. Been there done that! It just means that you have entered a new stage of the relationship and that the feelings are still there, they just need to be surtured.

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I think that with some work this could happen for you too. I have been married for 27 years and fallen out of love with my husband. We have spoken at length about this but he refuses to accept. He breaks down and cries and makes me feel sorry for him. We are different people now and I have different needs. I am currently seeing someone else and my husband suspects. The other person makes me happy and sexy but I do not want to marry him — just be in a loose relationship for now. I have gone for therapy and I whilst I have made the decision to leave my husband in my head, I have not actioned it out because I feel sorry for him and wander what he will do if I leave him and I worry what family and friends will say about my behaviour.

I love the other guy and want to be with him. I am in the same boat your are in.

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Been married for 21 years. It was his wayand not a very good communicator. I would beg him to talk me and tell him little things matter. He fights depression at many points in our relationship. I have two beautiful children one in college and second will be gone in two years. He always would dull his feeling with drinking and other things. I have nice life other than fact that I am not in love with my husband any longer. I was in love with him first two years and than he changed. Well light bulb went off when I told him I was not sure of my feeling any longer.

I am trying to keep our family together. Around year ago I started talking to someone which was my ex husband. I have such strong feelings for him. I never felt this way about someone. I found out what was missing in my life. It was love. I just was doing what is right and never doing wrong thing. I so want be happy. Be considerate and thoughtful of her needs. Love will turn to hate but hate will grow back to love as well. I can attest to that. People just need time to heal, forgive, and open their hearts again.

My frustration with the marriage and life that we had were replaced with thoughts of the old times when we had happy memories together and when I see traces of the man I fell in love with, it kept giving me hope. There should be trust, respect, patience, understanding your partners point of view. AND if you can both agree on the same goals because having that focus will help you avoid breaking apart again. And pray. Because it would be the best for your kids and wife. It is not selfish. And so our struggle to save our marriage has ended and a chance to find happiness begins.

We still support each on some level but distance will allow us to focus on moving forward, not in circles. I worry for you. I have been married for 10 years and have three beautiful children, I have been really depressed and realized that I am no longer happy in my marriage.

I have asked my husband for a divorce 3 times already and his response is that he can Nurse Honey Harbour wants sex let me go but I am so unhappy. Just recently my high school friend message me and told me that he has been trying to find me for 11 years and our relationship he wants to rekindle. Rose, have you tried working it out with your husband or did you just go to and ask for a divorce? Especially since Nurse Honey Harbour wants sex have 3 children that may not immediately benefit from your past long lost boyfriend. I am not asking you to stay unhappy, but it seems as though most spouses think that happiness can only come from change.

I say that you should be completely honest with your husband find out if he is willing to work on your marriage. Is that something that you would even consider or do you have your mind already made up? I can tell you one thing. You will never figure it out with another man in your life.

It is too distracting and will not give the honor and respect to the vows that you made to do this that way. Stolen waters are sweet but they leave you with should of and could of regret. The best thing you can do is end the affair. Seek a resolution with your husband before getting out there with someone else. It takes time and clarity to be with someone and you do yourself and this fling a disservice by just feeding the emptiness with another person.

Your husband is miserable and wounded and it is your responsibility to resolve this for him because he is getting two messages. That is confusing and worse than death. I have been in his shoes. See someone who is objective that can help you both walk this out. Neither of you are healthy enough to have the relationship you have or even think about something new without some help and healing.

My wife and I have been married 33 years. We tried couples then sex therapy. The sex therapist said she needs to come in one on one to talk, and actively participate. When my wife was told this she asked if it was a threat. She never went back to therapy. We are basically roommates. Almost 4 years ago, I met someone. The thought of losing this new love breaks my heart. Well Ive been out of love for 5 of the 6 years, in with my bf but I still have love for him. Just not in love. Well the feelings are completely gone now too BC he is so moody. Pushes me away so often and now I dont want to be pulled back.

I tried to dump him last year BC I was at my wits end w his nonsense but wanted it to work. He refused to be dumped. Our anniversary he showed no interest, no intimacy, it was like being out with a roommate. I wanted us to work, we have a kid, but life is too short.

Sad thing is if he had never changed for the worst, I would still be head over heels for him. Ready to move on. It would be insanity to think that doing the same thing over and over would give a different result. Going through the motions is exactly the definition of doing the same thing over and over. Maybe you and him are just in such both pain and misery that you both stopped trying.

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True story: loving your partner being in love again can come back out of feeling numb, if you take away all the distractions that came between you and your partner which started this roller coaster madness. Your partner merely adds to it.

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And by consistently reminding him that you appreciate him, may change the way he also sees this relationship. Anyways, just a food for thought on your future relationships. You deserve love, happiness, respect etc. Good luck! Be strong for you and your. I have been married for 21 years; I have a wonderful man who I honestly have fallen out of love with. I love him but not as a husband. I make way more money then he does and we are closer to retirement than not. It makes me sad that he will be alone, but I cant keep up this ficade. We have spoken about it, and of course he is crushed.

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We have a beautiful home, and it is our 2nd marriage. He has agreed to go to counseling but honestly I think I am almost better off single…. I spend a lot of time with his dad, but I am just not connected anymore, physically, mentally or emotionally. I work full time and spend time volunteering.

I feel very present in all I do but missing something and it hurts. You need to talk things out with him somehow. People do change, and they do want excitement in their life.

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However, the road you both walked to get to where you are, how long was that road? Did it have ups and downs? Did it have good and bad times?

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Regardless of the mistakes you both may have made, or the severity of such mistakes, you both made a commitment to each other. She and I were together for 8 years, married for 2. On our second anniversary, she wrote me a beautiful love letter, saying how she was happy that I chose to be with her, and thanking me for being patient with her and how she was happy in our relationship. Then, one month later, she was going out many nights, sometimes not coming home. For several months she was physically not home 10 days per each month, because she was out, who knows where.

When trying to talk to her and figure out what was going on as it was odd behavior all of a suddenshe just got defensive and angry.

Nurse Honey Harbour wants sex

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