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You may find yourself avoiding this part of you and the relationship at all costs. You feel helpless as the passion and fire in the relationship dies little by little.

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You are scared that there is no way to address what is happening within the relationship or yourself that can save the connection lost. Feeling increased anxiety and upsetting thoughts around the issue.

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Feeling isolated and not engaged with others as you once had. It is embarrassing! My first priority is making sure to create an environment that feels welcoming and safe to discuss your intimacy issues. Together we will explore and look at the whole picture, what is currently working and not working, and brainstorm together to find the missing pieces needed to move you forward.

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These issues can become increasingly distressing over time but you can make the change needed and achieve the sex life you envision. I need help-What Should I do now?

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We can work together find the blocks needed to build the connections you a looking for with those you love. Contact me today at or send me an at therapy juliaschiffmanmsw. We can start with a free minute consultation or schedule you for your first session below. Sex Therapy. For many, sex and intimacy can be the most challenging part of a relationship. Get Started.

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