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From tothe world capital of mergers and acquisitions, greed, champagne consumption, cuckoldry, and plot twists was a midsized horse farm east of Plano. Three generations of billionaires shared that home, and for a long stretch of the eighties, they were the most popular television family in the country.

Inthe show was arguably the hottest pop culture entity in existence; about as many Americans tuned in to find out who shot J. By those metrics, the Ewings have been tossed into the bin of trashy, campy pop culture, right next to the cast of The Love Boat. Inside their all-American house lurked murder schemes, secret relatives, rare diseases, and an entire season that was all a dream.

The show upended our common logic—our moral codes, our sense of cause and effect—with a J. Ewing smirk. But to criticize a nighttime soap opera for absurdity is to miss the point. Dallas leaned into its own absurdity, and in the process, it defined an era and transformed its namesake hometown.

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The Ewings celebrated excess, and they saw the boardroom, ballroom, and bedroom as overlapping war zones. In all three venues, questions of virtue and civility were dissolved in J. Spoken by a lesser actor, that line might have seemed like a pretty bleak way of looking at things. While Dallas was selling a new American ideal—not to mention official Dallas aftershave, deodorant, commemorative dishes, karat-gold Southfork belt buckles, and J. The entrance to Southfork Ranch, on March 30, The corporate dealmaker may have lacked the romance of the Texas Ranger, but he was, in many ways, an accurate update.

By Texas was 80 percent urban, and its major cities were booming. The Wild West had become the Sunbelt, and the region needed a new myth. Forty years later, the city of Dallas has turned toward other mythical figures, like Mark Cuban and Jerry Jones. In short, for all their resemblance to the cast of The Bold and the Beautiful, the Ewings changed Dallas, changed Texas, changed America, and changed the medium of television.

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And they still have us in their grip. In compiling this oral history, Texas Monthly wanted to capture all of that. But more than anything, we wanted to hear, from the actors, crew, and creators, what it was like to make this show and how it felt to be at the center of a worldwide mania.

After more than 35 hours of interviews, we learned that the stories behind Dallas are nearly as over-the-top as the stories on the screen. Patrick Duffy played J. I moved to L. Made hundreds of dollars a year. I came up with a show about four families living on a cul-de-sac in Southern California, based on Scenes From a Marriage, by [Swedish director] Ingmar Bergman. Yeah, I had high aspirations.

David Paulsen was a writer, producer, and director for Dallas and Knots Landing: The whole thing was a family story based around dining Sex flirt talented Dallas Texas tables. More of a saga. That means Texas ranches. David Paulsen: David Jacobs is one of my closest friends.

We have lunch every week. I saw him yesterday. After the meeting, I went home and wrote a twelve- backstory set on a Texas ranch, a saga about the Ewings and the Barneses. Kennedy was killed in Dallas. It bore about as much relation to life in actual Dallas as Lost in Space did to the history of space exploration. The production team wanted actors who looked attractive and wealthy and who had the chemistry for dynastic power games.

In hindsight, the most essential decision was also the biggest wild card: Larry Hagman, the Weatherford native and son of Broadway icon Mary Martin. Hagman, who was then best known as the hapless Major Tony Nelson on the sixties sitcom I Dream of Jeannie, had spent the past decade playing bit parts and earning the moniker the Mad Monk of Malibu for his offbeat behavior.

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My mother [Maj Axelsson] had to be very creative in figuring out ways to support our family so that Dad could continue to pursue his acting career. Mary Crosby played J. Before Larry got DallasMaj supported them as a contractor.

She was an amazingly talented contractor. She deed hot tubs. The psychiatrist cost, like, a hundred bucks.

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He embraced the zeitgeist of the era. He was high off his ass. Michael Preece directed 62 episodes of Dallas: Larry drove what looked like an ice cream truck that had been converted into a motor home. It had a huge bubble inside, a skylight.

Who drives one of those? He used to ride his motor scooter up and down the Pacific Coast Highway, dressed in full Indian gear. David Jacobs: In my script, J. Then Barbara Miller, who was in charge of casting, suggested Larry. I knew he was a really good actor, but I still thought he was too soft. Kristina Hagman: Dad [who was raised mostly by his grandmother and mother in California and New York City] had done his last two years of high school in Weatherford, where his father lived.

When he got there, he felt like a total fish out of water. He had the pompadour and New England—style clothes. His father took him for a crew cut right away.

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Went out shooting and hunting and drinking and swearing, and he felt completely at home for the first time since his grandma had died. David Jacobs: The producers and I were waiting to meet with him, and then everybody looked up. I turned around, and Larry was holding his Stetson and wearing cowboy boots.

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And there he was. Hagman, in a fringed buckskin jacket, brought a leather saddlebag filled with champagne bottles. This is January.

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Have you ever been to Dallas in the winter? Charlene Tilton played J. My hotel room door opened to the outside parking lot. It had a chain lock, but the lock on the doorknob was broken, so the door was blown open on the chain the whole time. Linda Gray played J. I was totally pulled out of my life. But who wants to watch anything about Houston, anyway? That would be stupid. Patrick Duffy: When we were looking for locations to film in Dallas, it was almost a joke how many doors got slammed in our face.

That was a horrible, horrible, irremovable stain. Linda Gray: My character had so little to do that they called me the Brunette on the Couch. So I went across the freeway to create Sue Ellen. I explored the world of rich Dallas people. This is Texas.

Tilton and crew members on the set, circa Principal applies lip gloss, surrounded by makeup artists, on August 14, Top: Principal applies lip gloss, surrounded by makeup artists, on August 14, Oh, God, those first months of filming were difficult. Steve Kanaly: My wife told me that she was pregnant. Might not be a successful show. You might hate that name. The Dallas miniseries premiered on Sunday, April 2,with a bombastic earworm theme song. Helicopter shots of glittering towers, roving cattle, and oil derricks panned across the title sequence.

Sex flirt talented Dallas Texas

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