Singapore naked couples

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The female was topless and sitting on top of her male partner, allowing him to grope and fondle her half-naked body.

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This was done in full view of the public at the multi - carpark of Block 34A Marsiling Drive. A reader's mother first spotted the couple at 5pm, when they were just chatting; they then started to kiss. Nur' Ilham was horrified at the audacity of the girl, and she went to fetch her camera and started taking photos of the couple, who seemed to be really engrossed in each other. The newspapers and STOMP had in recent months highlighted incidents of young couples engaged in daring acts of public affection, taking places in neighbourhood parks, shopping malls, carparks and even school compounds.

Digital: All-in-one phone saves the day.

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Business: Hurry the curry, with PDAs. Sat, Aug 28, AsiaOne.

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She goes topless in daring carpark PDA. Click on thumbnails to view. Story continues below. Teen gropes girlfriend in public. School janitor punched after he catches naked teens sprawled on teacher's table.

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Young couple makes out in neighbourhood park. Too bold for comfort? Too young to care. Couples head for cinemas to make out. Brazen indecent acts in public. Why can't these people get a room?

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Contraband cigarettes found onboard vessel. Part 4: Speech from National Day Rally Her fight to end her life gave her the will to live.

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Part 3: Speech from National Day Rally PM Lee sends condolences to Chandramohan's family. Part 2: Speech from National Day Rally Parliament sits on 15th September. Tougher rules for buying second homes.

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Prosecutors seek travel ban against 'Playboy' chief editor. Elsewhere in AsiaOne

Singapore naked couples

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