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Sudbury is the largest city in Northern Ontario by both population and land area. In fact, by land area, Sudbury is the largest in the whole provinceand the fifth largest in Canada. That being said, Sudbury is a heck of a lot more than that.

The quick access to pristine nature is remarkable and, not unlike Barrie and Londonyou get the sense that those who live there know what a well-kept secret it really is. The Sudbury region was inhabited by the Ojibwe people of the Algonquin group for thousands of years prior to its formation as the city we know today. The discovery of nickel ore in is what ultimately led to the city being founded and settled in modern times.

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The city is known across the province by lovers of the outdoors and outdoor adventure. Many tourist attractions in Sudbury, and lists of what to do in Sudbury, are heavily influenced by the outdoors.

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Part of the reason for this is because the climate in Sudbury is very Sudbury hangout Sudbury. The list of top tourist attractions in Sudbury is quite lengthy. Our pro-tip here is to get a photo at sunset or sunrise, as the nickel is really shining during those times. You can find Science North by locating the two snowflake-shaped buildings on the south shore of Ramsey Lake.

Our favourite fun fact about Science North is that when they were building the rock tunnel to connect the two buildings, they just happened upon a billion-year old geologic fault. How fitting is that, right? The Northern Ontario Railroad Museum and Heritage Centre is focused on preserving history artifacts and sharing stories that pay tribute to Northern Ontario, and specifically the history around lumber, mining, and the railroad.

If you want to find the museum, just look for the over year old Victorian style house!

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In fact, you can get a tour of the mine and kick things off by going seven stories underground in their elevator. The science park is what brings the families from far and wide. The Lake Laurentian Conservation Area encompasses nearly acres, which is remarkable considering its more or less part of an Ontario urban centre. You can check their website to see when and if fans can come and cheer them on! The Art Gallery of Sudbury was actually one of the many Canadian Centennial projects that came to fruition across the country in The gallery has plans to expand, and word on the street is that they may even take over the Sudbury Arena.

They have a permanent collection of over pieces from both Canadian and international artists.

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The museum aims to preserve what it would have been like to run one of the largest dairy farms in the Sudbury area in the s and s. Not to mention, the 14 acres of land that it sits on is quite picturesque unto itself.

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You can come to learn about the history, or you can simply come to hang out on the property, and perhaps bring a picnic. To put things in perspective, they won 3 gold medals and 2 silvers at the recent Canadian Brewing Awards, so these guys are no slouch! Christopher Mitchell is the Cofounder of Ultimate Ontario.

He's visited over 80 countries, and has lived on 4 continents, but now has his eyes set squarely on exploring this incredible province, and helping others do the same. We also have 3 fantastic mountain biking locations. Lake Laurentian conservation is full of trails from Moonlight Beach all the way to Laurentian University.

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Kivi Park in the south end has many great bike trails shared with hikers. Then Walden Mountain Bike Club just 25 minutes from the city center.

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Its a dedicated bike only park in the summer. Thanks for this, Andrew. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Andrew says: We also have 3 fantastic mountain biking locations. May 13, at pm Reply. Christopher Mitchell says: Thanks for this, Andrew.

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Sudbury hangout Sudbury

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