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Forum Rules. Got something on your mind? Register Help Forgot Password? Active Users : 0. Thanks: 2. Likes: 9. Dislikes: 1. Thread: Windsor- strip club fun with extras. Advanced Search. Date Dec Windsor- strip club fun with extras. For the gents who enjoy a few drinks and the company of good looking woman at the strip club hoping to find that one to provide a few extras sash Devine is that girl.

Dances at silvers and studio 4. Good looking girl although the long hrs and partying at the club are slowing catching up with her.

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I'd put her at about yrs old blonde hair fantastic body and a huge set of man made boobs for those who are into that. Private dances were great. The only negative is she does drink more then most when she works so it's probably best to catch her before she's had one to many cocktails. Last edited by Calgary96 ; Jul 14th, at PM. Reason: Illegal activities for a strip club. Delete your for one reason or another!

Prompt removal service with no questions asked. Levi thanked for this post. Date Jan Know her general schedule? Windsor69 disliked this post. Thanks for the he up. Interested to know her general schedule too. Thinking of just going to strip clubs instead of sp's for awhile. Date Feb Originally Posted by turnpike. I don't go to strip clubs expecting to receive extras. It's a totally different Windsor strip club reviews from meeting sp's. I just enjoy going to a legal establishment full of attractive naked women that grind their bodies on mine while I drink alcohol.

I'm also up for an extra anytime it is offered. The biggest reason that I plan to stick with strip clubs over sp's for awhile is that I'm tired of walking into potentially sketchy and risky situations. Anyone that goes to the clubs should share their experiences. Extras or not. I will report back after my visits. Date Aug Date Nov Originally Posted by If the girls do not ask for a big buck Never hurts to negotiate. Date Jun Location Windsor, Windsor strip club reviews, Alberta.

Turnpike you just had like 4 good reviews of girls that you had a good time with. Now you're deleting all your reviews and swearing off sps? Seriously were you threatened or something what's wrong with you??? I have a question for Calgary96 regarding the editing dean's post. If you edited his post for the reason of illegal activities then you should be editing every single grahic review out here as by Canadian law prostitution is considered an illegal activity.

Great job. Keep up the good work. Went to Silvers last Friday, one spinner type gAve me a private dance. Midway through the 2nd she said " if u want! We can do extras? It was tempting! But my buddy n I just started the night n were bar hopping. I forget her name but she is from bp. Draino, I know who you mean. I have done her at various times also. Don't mention her name here. There are a couple others at Silvers who are as reasonably priced as her.

Date Jul Originally Posted by billyshakesbeer. Originally Posted by MapleLeafs. Current laws on prostitution in Canada, introduced inmake it illegal to purchase sexual services but legal to sell them. According to the Canadian Department of Justice, the new legal framework "reflects a ificant paradigm shift away from the treatment of prostitution as 'nuisance', as found by the Supreme Court of Canada in Bedford, toward treatment of prostitution as a form of sexual exploitation that disproportionately and negatively impacts on women and girls".

Scratches: The girl in the link below works at Silver's. She goes by the name "Mercedes" on bp.

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I can't remember what she said her name was when I spent time with her at Silver's. She has a great body. Didn't ask about extra's when getting dances from as her because I wasn't looking for that at the time.

I imagine extra's could happen as she posts on bp. There is a suicide girl coming to Alleykatz on July 23rd.

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Her name is Bambu Jessica. She has the punk rock suicide girls look of tattoos, piercings, dyed hair in wild colours, really fit body and so on. I like that look. I will be checking it out as I was unable to catch Lisa Ann when she came to Alleykatz earlier in the year. I'm still kicking myself for missing out on that one.

I reviewed her before. I thou she was feature dancing. Still will check out Bambu Jessica. I doubt it will be the same thing with this broad as she doesn't have name thst Lisa Ann does. Scratchess: Checked out your review - real happy I didn't experience the stench that you did.

That would of have been an unbelievable turn off. There was another attractive ebony girl there that I didn't get a dance from. I think I will go back and try to findout what her story is. Bambu Jessica was a good time. She did more Windsor strip club reviews a burlesque thing than a traditional dance and strip thing. I dug it. She also had way more tattoos than I thought she would from the pics I saw. Her beautiful long pink hair and insanely fit body were a real treat to see. The rest of the dancers were definitely dressed to impress Fun night with great dances for some smokin' hot ladies.

I find her gross and wouldn't touch her for free. I've been offered takeout a few times in the last couple months here in Windsor. I didn't partake. The clubs here are tame compared to Mississauga. Last time my friend and I went to Mississauga we brought two strippers back to our hotel. That was a fun night. Date May I've declined every time as well, probably for the same reasons as your buddy.

You're not really in the right place if you're looking for some quality action in a strip club - in Windsor that's for sure.

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