Woman at times supermarket

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Juzo Itami, director of "Tampopo," is back in the food business again.

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This time he hits the big supermarkets and their nefarious ways. They buy cheap and sell high, they repackage yesterday's fish and refry last week's croquettes.

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Worst of all, they willfully market Australian beef dressed up as Japan's precious steak. But they meet their match in Nobuko Miyamoto, who steps in and cleans things up. Just as she outwitted tax offenders, big business scammers and evil gangsters in Itami films, so she now does her level best to make the super market safe for the local housewife.

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Like Mr. Deeds in New York,Mr. Smith in Washington, Ms. Miyamoto in Tokyo speaks for the little people, just your ordinary folks down the street, and makes sure they get a square deal. Itami — Frank Capra at the Toho Studios —has long had a soft spot for these little people and here exposes it during two hours of sentimental striving among stock situations and two-dimensional characters. Populist stands may strike one asodd in Japan, but they have long proved a popular ploy and when Itami gets his little people backing Miss Fix-It, one can feel the solidarity oozing.

Economic expediency is not enough —a lesson one would have thought the Japanese cinema would have already learned. Supermarket Woman Directed by Juzo Itami.

Woman at times supermarket

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